ZeroHour Manages The People Who Manage Operations

Hurricane Preparedness Operations

The amount of experience that is lost forever by organizations as a result of turnover, is intangible until something happens, that’s when it becomes obvious and sometimes disastrous


What makes ZeroHour unique is that it was specifically designed to capture and store, in an executable system, the knowledge and lessons learned by the people who worked the last real event. Even if it was 10 years ago.


ZeroHour gives you the ability to execute a plan and communicate task assignments and any changes of the timeline.  The dashboard gives “at a glance” monitoring of progress and performance across an entire organization, providing the clarity needed to respond to issues before they become problems.

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When Organizations Desire Safety of Their Staff In Foreign Countries – They Trust Our Safety & Security Management System

Safe Guard Your Workforce In Unfamiliar Locations

Whether you have a handful of employees or several thousand workers and their families located around the world – the scalable ICE Bridge geo-enabled security management system can help you manage and provide safety and security for them with ease. The GPS (global positioning system)-enabled ICE (In Case of Emergency) mobile app will not only provided 24/7/365 assistance to expats, business travelers and their family members, it will allow your Support Center to send proactive texts in case of local or national security situations.

Emergency Assistance

ICE Bridge provides mobile users peace of mind knowing assistance is a button push away by initiating a voice call routed to the proper geo-resolved operation center. Their location is instantly focused and displayed to operators on the operation center’s regional map display.

Geo Fenced Resctriced Area Displays and Alerts

Working in an unfamiliar country? Keep your people out of harm way by pushing Geo-fenced restricted areas of travel to their mobile app’s map. Alert managers, operation centers and mobile users when they have entered a dangerous area.

Geo-enabled software system

Never wonder who was in an area when something bad happens. Search a region or the world to locate workers, travelers or their family members for maximum safety & security by using the mobile and web apps together.


Find and save key points of interest and important places with integrated access to existing common applications, like maps and direction applications.

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We Build Rock Solid Software Applications

ZeroHour Technologies is not just another software company. Our  ZeroHour & ICE Bridge software systems are proof that we develop emergency management solutions including software and apps for emergency managers and senior level executives that guarantee success. Our approach to solution development is based on the simple belief that individual performance is the key to operational success. We have served in critical roles during some of the worst disasters to effect the United States and we know a thing or two about delivering successful outcomes.

We consider ourselves support to your crisis management team. We build on ideas and create a solution that is better than what was originally envisioned. Our developers and project management will put you at ease because you can focus on your day to day business while we build a powerful and stable solution and deliver it on budget and on time.

Services We Offer

Mobile App Development

We create stable and user-friendly mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Cross-platform.

Enterprise Solutions

Whatever problem needs to be solved we have experience in developing mission critical and secure enterprise software applications for both desktop, web, and mobile.

App & Software Design

A great user experience keeps your users happy and a happy user is a loyal customer. We know how users interact with various apps and we design a user interface that is both easy to use and powerful.

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