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Developing Targeted Solutions Require Insight & Understanding of Complex Problems

ZeroHour Technologies delivers intelligent and affordable solutions by integrating innovative thinking and technology with lessons learned to produce targeted capabilities enabling our clients, from local governments to multinational organizations, to fulfill their responsibilities successfully during emergency and security operations.

ZeroHour Technologies was founded by Bob Arnold, whose efforts to reconstitute communications for local governments during the response to Hurricane Katrina were recognized by the White House in the Presidential Report “The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina”. He has also served as the ESF2 lead during hurricanes and during the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill, he served as the only civilian COML for an FOB during the response.

ZeroHour is the only software system to actually mimic the actions of emergency managers running hurricane preparedness operations and to provide executives with a tool that would allow them to instantly know the state of readiness of their organization. Its one click adjustment to H-hour changes is unique.

ZeroHour has been used for Hurricane preparedness and operations by local governments in the greater New Orleans area and throughout Louisiana as well as for the execution of pandemic response plans for continuity of operations by private corporations.

ICE Bridge was developed for use by an international chemical company and is providing emergency security managers with the ability to rapidly locate and provide time critical communications to their workers while deployed in the Middle East.

The saying “You’re only as good as the company you keep” speaks to why for over 40 years Bob Arnold has provided solutions to some great organizations like, Dow Chemical, Exxon, Shell Oil, British Petroleum, the US Coast Guard, numerous Government agencies and many private sector companies.


We offer emergency management and workforce security and safety software and have delivered projects across a wide array of industries and markets including: Hurricane Preparedness & Homeland Security, Hospital Information Systems, Disaster Communications Services, Crisis Management, Corporate Personnel Security, Video Surveillance Systems, Microwave networks, Cellular Site upgrading and Tower construction.

Furthermore , we deliver  professional services in the fields of Information Technology, Governmental Affairs and general business consultancy.

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