“ICE BRIDGE” In case of emergency or times of need

Geo-fenced risk areas

Two-way Communications

Workforce Locating

ICE Bridge is a global multi modality communication system combining web and mobile GPS enabled apps that integrate employees and travelers 24/7 with support center operators and security managers to allow for rapid issue resolution,assistance and regional or local security updates.

Whether you have a handful of employees in a foreign country or several thousand workers and their families located around the world – the scalable ICE Bridge geo-location security management software can help you manage and provide security for them with ease.


Emergency Assistance

ICE Bridge provides mobile users peace of mind knowing assistance is a button push away by initiating a voice call routed to the proper geo-resolved operation center. Their location is instantly focused and displayed on the operation center’s regional map display to operators.

Geo Fenced Restricted Area displays and Alerts

Working in an unfamiliar country? Keep your people out of harm way by pushing and displaying geo fenced restricted areas of travel to their mobile app’s map. Alert managers, operation centers and mobile users when they have entered a dangerous area.

Clarity when it Counts

Never wonder who was in an area when something bad happens. Search a region or the world to locate workers, travelers or their family members for maximum safety & security.

SMS 2 way text Polling and Communications

Need to find out if your people are ok after something has happened? Poll by individuals, user groups, user type or by drawing on a map. Instantly find out who is ok and who needs assistance. Then continue a real time text conversation with them until assistance is provided and the situation is resolved.

Safety is Paramount, Clarity is Critical

ICE Bridge Geolocation Security Management software benefits the organization and the individual users at every level.


Quickly establish areas of concern

Precisely communicate warnings and instructions

Protect the wellbeing of your workforce


Receive advisories or flash alerts in a crisis

Ask for assistance

Receive and store directions to key places and facilities

Safety and Security Ops

Push flash alerts to everyone a group or an individual in a country or region

Assist those in need

Instantly locate employees anywhere on the globe.

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