Hurricane Amenesia? 11 Years of Facts

Billion ($) In Damages
Hurricane Total
Record Speed (MPH)

ZeroHour is an innovative web-based /mobile compatible emergency management software which executes and manages time-sensitive tasking to hold personnel accountable for their performance during complex situations. Governments and businesses put trust in ZeroHour hurricane emergency management software since it has been developed to be the most advanced system of its kind.

How Does It Work?

Track Performance

Managers see at-a-glance a real time overview of personnel performance and the status of critical and time-sensitive tasks.


Simply enter your task list, choose any files or documents to attach and decide who will be responsible. That’s all there is to it. Log in from anywhere to update and revise the task list.


Two way communications – operators receive their assignments on their device and can update their progress remotely without having to log into the system.


Task details and deadline are sent to task owners at the time of activation – enforcing personal accountability. Changes to an H-Hour cause the system to immediately recalculate the timeline of tasks and send every task owner the new tasking deadlines.


ZeroHour is clarity when it counts:  it provides executives an at-a-glance opportunity to address systemic problems as they arise.


ZeroHour is a less painful experience:  it delivers clear assignments with deadlines and makes it easy to post one status report for multiple audiences.

Tech Buyer

ZeroHour is a low impact cloud software system: it integrates with existing communications platforms and breaks the traditional user model.


ZeroHour is piece of mind:  it simplifies the  management of people by automatically tracking their tasks and holding them accountable to deadlines.


ZeroHour Hurricane Emergency Management Software provides clarity to managers and executives, allowing them to address specific problems as they arise.

The software gives the ability to quickly communicate assignments and change deadlines while monitoring the progress and performance of your personnel.

Praise From Our Clients

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