Whether your organization is a large or small company or a local or state government, you have people, property and assets that need to be protected in the event of a hurricane.

There hasn’t been a major hurricane hit the US in over ten years. The turnover rate of emergency managers is over 30% and a lot of organizations have forgotten what it is like to face a major hurricane.
That’s called Hurricane Amnesia. The consequence of lost experience is intangible and uncalculatable until it’s too late when the compounded effects of the loss could add up to be disastrous.

It is a responsibility of leadership to ensure that their organization are prepared to protect lives, property and assets. Leaders depend on the collective knowledge of the organization to know what needs to be done and by when.

Hurricane preparedness is more than having a 3 ring binder of word documents or spreadsheets. Conducting a tabletop exercise will not guarantee personal accountability. But having the ability to hold people accountable for their performance is the only way leadership can ensure due diligence is exercised.

An incident management system is a terrible tool to manage the performance of people executing a preparedness plan.

If your organization has no methodology to capture and store activities into actionable plans in minutes and automate them, then your preparedness plan isn’t current.
Having an executable system is a brilliant strategic plan and right tool for the job.

ZeroHour Technologies provides trusted mission critical software for governments and companies.
Our ZeroHour software system has been used for hurricane preparedness operations during real hurricanes. ZeroHour is not just a task list maker, it turns your ideas into actionable plans of who needs to do what, by when. ZeroHour will execute them by calculating start and deadlines for each task and sending assignments to individual task owners. It even lets task owners update their progress from anywhere.
The level of preparedness be monitored through a dashboard from anywhere. Senior executives and managers can see for themselves organizational and individual performance which allows making decisions or setting priorities fast and efficient.

ZeroHour is a must for any organization interested in guaranteeing that extreme due diligence was exercised and the highest level of accountability was upheld.
ZeroHour will ensure that all acts and decisions of the executive in authority were correctly applied and executed on time.

ZeroHour prevents hurricane amnesia.